About Me

I received both my bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California. During my time there, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with many different researchers on a variety of projects ranging from vehicle to vehicle communication, neuroimaging, and wildlife classification. Apparently I couldn't have enough of LA or USC because I am now pursuing my PhD in Psychology (Brain and Cognitive Sciences) under Professor Payam Piray.

My professional/academic interests lie in researching the human brain, I am particularly interested in how humans learn and make decisions. Specifically, how we reason with sparse, ambigious, and noisy data, and how we make decisions in an uncertain world. We tackle these problems using ideas from Bayesian machine learning and reinforcement learning, using these computational frameworks to develop formal models of these processes in the brain. We then validate these models using a combination of behavioral, neuroimaging, and computational techniques.

On a more personal side, my interests include various outdoor activities like hiking, running, skateboarding, and backpacking. I also enjoy coffee (typical LA coffee snob) and reading. Basically, when I'm not doing research, spending time with my dog, or getting caffeinated, I try to be outdoors.

Work Experience

Over the past few years I've had the great pleasure of woking with some amazing and intelligent people.

Honda Research Institute

February 2022 - March 2023

Researching computer vision and deep learning for self driving car applications. Specifically working on trajectory prediction and birds-eye view segmentation.

Center for AI in Society

February 2021 - June 2021

Unsupervised classification of animals in the wild from camera trap images.

Laboratory of neuroimaging

September 2019 - July 2021

Artficial brain aging using GAN's and white matter hyperintensity segmentation in fMRI photos.

Autonomous Networks Research Group

May 2019 - September 2019

Using machine learning to estimate vehicular communication ranges.


Yi Xu, Armin Bazarjani, Hyung-gun Chi, Chiho Choi, Yun Fu "Uncovering the Missing Pattern: Unified Framework Towards Trajectory Imputation and Prediction" CVPR 2023

Hope you enjoyed your visit, traveler.